Tec Rep Inc Video A Few Tips For Doing Your Own Video Production

A Few Tips For Doing Your Own Video Production

Over the course of the past few years, new inexpensive video technologies have allowed more people then ever before to try their hand at video production. People all over the planet are creating their own story lines and recording them for others to see and of course some projects turn out better than others.

Low Budget and No Budget Video Production

You don’t need a huge Hollywood budget to break into video production. In fact, for some projects you need no budget at all. Just go take a look at all the videos that are posted on YouTube and you can see some fine examples of low budget and no budget videos.

Video Production Lighting

Lighting is so important to any video production. So many factors such as mood can be manipulated with lighting alone, so you really should take a little time to do some research on it. Also don’t run out and buy a bunch of expensive lights, because you can rent or rig up so much lighting, which will save you a lot of money.

Some Thoughts On Sound

Sound is also another aspect of video production that many novices fail to take a full accounting of. One thing that you don’t want in your video project is any outside or unwanted sounds. A good quality microphone and an expendable boom to hold and manipulate it are something that you may want to consider buying or renting.

The Use Of Stage Makeup

If you re going to use people in any of your videos, consider using makeup on them. You may not realize it but virtually any one that you see on your TV such as news men and TV actors are wearing some type of stage makeup. At the very least, use some powder on their faces to counter the glare of the lights.

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