Tec Rep Inc Technology Largest Vertical Solar Farm Has Been Built by Dell India and Tata

Largest Vertical Solar Farm Has Been Built by Dell India and Tata

Dell International Services in India and Tata Power Solar have jointly built the largest vertical solar farm of India, which is producing about 120 Kilowatt of energy.

This comes after the vigorous moves by the Government of India to increase the renewable energy generation capacity of the country. The Government of India has urged all big companies like Dell and Tata to go green. Having a vertical solar farm is in light of that urging. With the strides that the Government of India is taking towards a greener and cleaner India, very soon India is going to be the green energy capital of the world.

The addition of a 120 Kilowatt capacity solar farm doesn’t change much of India’s total power generation capacity, but it certainly reduces the carbon footprint of Dell. This marvel solar farm is one of its kind. It is a forty five meter structure that is built at the Dell campus in Bengaluru. It provides a dual benefit as well. The solar cells generated green energy and they also insulate the building. This insulation then helps in reducing the power consumption of the company.

A statement by Tata Power Solar said that the vertical solar farm facing south was a very complex project. The reason it was a complex project is because it needed to be integrated on the building’s façade without compromising the aesthetics of the project.

This project was a beginning of Tata Power Solar into the concept of solar structures on rooftops or vertical structures. The company believes that there is a huge potential in this kind of solar power generation as they can utilize just a fraction of real estate in big cities, which can come at a premium, and generate Megawatts of electricity that could power the entire city!

The solar farm on top of Dell’s campus would produce enough energy to light up Dell’s basement parking and cafeteria. It would also reduce the energy consumption for the company as the solar panels are acting as insulation from solar heat.

In this project, safety was pretty important as the complete project was built on a building wall, which was 11-storey tall.

For getting the best possible energy generation, the company had to design the vertical structure at a tilt of 30 degree, according to the statement.

BNEF or Bloomberg New Energy Fund has rated Tata Power Solar as a tier-1 module manufacturer. This company is the first Indian company to ship about 1 Gigawatt modules to about 30 countries so far and it is also making tremendous advancements in the home country as well.

With this page, it will be sooner than later that India is going to become the leader in the percentage of renewable energy generated and used as compared to the total generation and usage of India.


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