Largest Vertical Solar Farm Has Been Built by Dell India and Tata

Dell International Services in India and Tata Power Solar have jointly built the largest vertical solar farm of India, which is producing about 120 Kilowatt of energy. This comes after the vigorous moves by the Government of India to increase the renewable energy generation capacity of the country. The Government of India has urged all […]

Planning A Corporate Video Production

“If you fail to PLAN, your plan to FAIL” – Sadly, this well-worn quotation has become the epitaph for many a video project that fell pitifully short of the expectations raised before work commenced. The absence of proper planning for a corporate video production is rather like setting off on a 100 mile journey to […]

A Few Tips For Doing Your Own Video Production

Over the course of the past few years, new inexpensive video technologies have allowed more people then ever before to try their hand at video production. People all over the planet are creating their own story lines and recording them for others to see and of course some projects turn out better than others. Low […]

Technology Management Graduate Studies

The increasing importance of technology in every industry continues to drive the need for a diverse group of qualified professionals to manage the implementation and changes in technology. Pursuing a degree at a technology management graduate school can be the right step for beginning a rewarding career in the management of everything from computer hardware […]

Professional Video Production Tips For Beginners

If you have always wanted to be a film maker and create videos and films for TV, professional video production is the career for you. Video production careers are easy to come by, but actually becoming successful is entirely different. You can choose from various kinds of professional production including TV, corporate, and online. When […]

Managing Technology Within An Organization

When it comes to technology solutions for your business it is easy to get carried away with the latest-and-greatest gadgets and solutions. Everyone wants to have the latest shiny thing. In larger organizations, managing technology can become burdensome due to competing and duplicative technology requests. Left unfettered, the company technology platform can resemble a “spaghetti […]

6 Utilitarian Tips to Build an Appealing Wardrobe without Breaking the Bank

Why should only girls have a stylish wardrobe? Even men want their own wardrobe loaded with fashionable stuff these days. So, every man needs to shop around for the best clothing and make their wardrobe look stylish. Here are some tips that can help you build a stylish wardrobe this season without breaking your bank. […]

6 Reasons Why Online Nursing Classes Are the Way to Go

Online teaching courses are the best way to get higher education for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time out of their house due to various other responsibilities on their shoulders. Most of the reputed universities provide online correspondence teaching classes programs with variety of courses to choose from. These online courses […]

Quick Insight into the Pros and Cons of Online CNA Classes

Getting a certification as a nursing assistant can help a long way in fulfilling your dream of providing medical assistance to the needy. There are several ways in which, aspiring nursing students can get their CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) training programs, including availing the certification from a vocational school, technical institute, trade school, community college, […]

Top Five Databases for Web Developers

Database management system is one type of computerized program, which controls and maintains the creation and use of a database. When listening to web developers, you may probably hear about words, like efficient, scalable, and robust. All these focus on the power of database management system solutions and how it assimilates with other tech innovations. An integrated […]